Corrie Befort

Photo/Design: Corrie Befort
Unnamed Shapes

Corrie Befort:

Dancer, Choreographer, Designer & Filmmaker


Films created 2022 to 2001. Get in touch for access to complete versions of excerpts.

a valley myth, (password: palouse) commissioned for La Befana, original soundscore

6+Players, music video with footage from PACLU students, music by $.99 Dreams

A Rendering, (excerpt) a LIMITS film with DP Adam Diller

Two LIMITS iterative sketches: Carrier and Versions

Weaving Score, (excerpt) sound by Jason Anderson and Ann Hamilton's bull roarers with cinematographer Daniel Mimura

hallewillum, (excerpt) with dancer Charles Dalton and musician Stephan Fandrich

Sagamihara, (excerpt) with composer Tom Baker

Cut Chalk, with cinematographer Ben Kasulke, original soundscore

Slip Cadence, commissioned by the Institute for Complex Adaptive Matter

2 Kinds of Wind, (excerpt) Tom Baker and David Stanford composers

Rota, (excerpt) with composer Joe Swifka and designer Darrick Borrowski

caught, wound, held, (excerpt) with composer David Stanford and designer Darrick Borrowski