Corrie Befort

Photo/Design: Corrie Befort

Corrie Befort:

Dancer, Choreographer, Designer & Filmmaker


Unnamed Shapes is an experimental performance project. Beginning in 2017 as a collection of unusual sightings and stories it currently casts 10 select movers with richly disparate physical histories. Now in development, this work will eventually be presented as a series of iterative performances that reshape themselves within a gradually shifting textile set.

Scheduled spring residencies and showings are of course cancelled, but we continue.

Our work now proceeds through image scores: 3D textile objects I construct and then share with the cast through singular, refined photographs. Each image is composed as a non-verbal score. Cast members follow and note their own authentic responses, to which I add suggestions for possible physical and imaginative approaches.

Want to receive image scores and suggestions yourself? Please email:

The images will eventually be viewable online, though I prefer sharing them singularly and individually.

The Cast:
Amelia Reeber
Belle Wolf
Ben Goosman
Fox Whitney
Hendri Wallujo
Lavinia Vago
Nan Little
Richard Arvey
Sheri Cohen
Will Courtney

The initial developmental phases of Unnamed Shapes have been supported by funding from the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture and the Bossak/Heilbron Charitable Foundation and by a UW bst Residency.